Farm Insurance in Amarillo, Borger, Miami, Pampa, Panhandle, and White Deer, Texas: Your Experts

What sort of farmer are you? Are you a full-timer who lives off the income that comes from your farming activities? Or are you more of a part-timer or hobbyist farmer? And the size of your farm will matter as well, as does the fact that you might have employees. Do you have farm animals or livestock? That will change things as well.

Farm Insurance in Amarillo, Borger, Miami, Pampa, Panhandle, and White Deer, TexasDon’t navigate this sea of options alone. Get a quote for farm insurance isn’t as simple as getting a quote for your home or car for insurance. There are numerous variables that will make the insurance coverage you need for your farm individualized for your farm. Understanding all of these variables makes it possible for your Taylor and Miller Insurance agent to properly shop the market for the best farm insurance for you.

But Doesn’t My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Farm?

It would be nice if everything could just be wrapped up and covered under your homeowners’ insurance, wouldn’t it? Depending on the specifics of your hobby farm, it might be possible to have things covered or mostly covered under your homeowners’ policy. However, if you have any farm equipment or farm outbuildings, these may not be covered under your homeowners’ policy, so be sure to talk with your Taylor and Miller Insurance agent.

Can I Have Livestock On My Farm?

Of course! But, it’s also not as simple as you might think when it comes to insurance for that livestock. What sort of livestock will you be having? Will you have highly expensive, prized horses on your farm? Or will you be feeding run of the mill pigs, goats, chickens, and the like? You may want individualized coverage for those expensive animals, but don’t think that a blanket coverage policy will be enough for your more common animals. Again, talking with your Taylor and Miller Insurance agent will provide you with the appropriate approach to the insurance coverage you need for the livestock you want.

Isn’t There An Easier Way To Get Coverage?

We would like to say yes, that there is a policy that would do everything, but that just isn’t the case. The fact is that every farm, full-time or hobby, is unique, and what you need coverage for won’t be the same as the farmer down the road from you. The amount of livestock you have, the acreage you have, buildings, equipment, and more all make your insurance needs unique. And that’s what Taylor and Miller Insurance specializes in: getting YOU the insurance that fits YOUR needs. Call us today.