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Business Insurance in Borger, TX
Life in Borger, Texas, is nice, but that doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen. It could be the weather, it could be an accident, or it could be something worse, but they can all be protected against with the proper insurance coverage, and you can get that by calling your Taylor Insurance agent. From auto insurance and RV insurance to insurance for your home and business, to farm insurance and more, you can protect what you have from the bad things in life.

Call your Taylor Insurance agent in Borger and find out just how affordable it can be to protect your home, vehicles, recreational vehicles, business, and farm. A little prevention today will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Farm and Business Insurance in Borger

For most, farming isn’t a job but a way of life. Understanding what policy is best suited for your farm means knowing what coverage is provided…and what coverage is missing. Do you have barns or other farm-related buildings? Those need coverage. If you have livestock, do you have pens or sheds? Do you have fencing around your farm? These need protection as well. And the livestock might be worth having Farm Insurance on also. Your Taylor Insurance agent can help create the right farm insurance coverage for your farm.

Business owners all over Borger trust us with their business insurance needs. Whether its a variety of business assets, commercial property, or employees, your business should have the coverage needed to ensure that you keep providing for your family and those of your employees. Your Taylor Insurance agent will shop the market for the right coverage at an affordable price.

Homeowners Insurance in BorgerHomeowners Insurance in Borger

Home is so much more than a shelter. There is an emotional tie to a home that simply can’t be explained, but you feel it every time you open the front door. At the end of a hard day’s work or after miles of vacation traveling, it’s the one place you always want to come back to. Don’t let anything happen to your home, protect it and the things inside it with the right home insurance from your Taylor Insurance agent.

Motorcycle Insurance in Borger, Texas

Accidents happen, no matter how good a driver you may be. With accidents comes liability exposure. When you’re found liable for any property damage and/or physical injury caused in a motorcycle accident, you’re also responsible for paying any damages. Be sure you have the right motorcycle insurance by calling Taylor Insurance.

Borger, Texas, is named after the founder of the city, Asa Philip “Ace” Borger. The first panhandle oil well was drilled in the Borger area in 1921 on the “Four Sixes” Ranch. In March of 1926, Asa Borger purchased 240 acres near the Canadian River, and within 90 days 45,000 people had moved to the new oil boomtown. By the end of 1926, telephone service and electricity were available in Borger.

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