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Homeowners Insurance in Pampa, Miami, and Panhandle, TXHomeowners Insurance

Whether it’s a palatial mansion or a studio apartment, there’s no place like home. Home is so much more than a shelter. There is an emotional tie to a home that simply can’t be explained, but you feel it every time you open the front door. at the end of a hard day’s work or after miles of vacation traveling, it’s the one place you always want to come back to.

We understand the comfort, security, and peace of mind a home provides. Protecting your home and the things you own against unforeseen loss ensures you and your family always have a safe place to go at the end of your day. We deliver that peace of mind with comprehensive homeowners insurance for families throughout Amarillo, Borger, Canadian, Canyon, Miami, Pampa, Panhandle, and White Deer, as well as many other Texas communities and cities.

House Insurance

As an independent insurance agency, Taylor Insurance maintains a network of top-rated insurance carriers. Each share our commitment to excellence in customer service. Each share a history of financial stability, superior products, and fair and efficient claim settlement. They offer several homeowner’s insurance plans, each designed to meet specific needs. You’ll discover money-saving opportunities with multi-policy discounts, as well as specific discounts to reward homeowners for certain safety and security measures they’ve taken to manage and reduce risks. Our representatives will help you determine the right coverage for your home, ensuring you get the most comprehensive coverage available…at competitive rates, you’ll truly appreciate.

Home Insurance in Canyon, and Borger, TXHome Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance does more than cover losses to property and personal items. There are other risks you face that often go unconsidered. What happens if a guest slips and falls while visiting your home? If you accidentally damage your neighbor’s fence, home or landscaping, who pays? If you’re found liable, you could be forced to dig into your savings just to cover the losses. Fortunately, your homeowner’s insurance provides a certain amount of liability coverage.

Unfortunately, there are many instances when a loss exceeds the limits of your policy. To prevent financial hardships, an Umbrella Liability Policy offers additional affordable liability protection. The liability umbrella kicks in when the limits of your homeowner’s policy are exceeded. And this protection extends to your automobile policy as well. Enjoy the additional protection offered by an umbrella liability policy from Taylor Insurance Agency.

Serious Coverage for Renters

There’s a common misconception that your landlord’s insurance protects your personal belongings. Here’s the truth: only you can purchase insurance to protect what you own.Your landlord’s policy only protects what he owns (buildings, equipment, etc.). That’s why a renter’s policy is so important.

A renter’s policy protects your personal belongings, from clothes to electronics, jewelry, furniture and more. You’ll also enjoy additional coverage like liability protection and guest medical protection. If a covered loss makes your home uninhabitable, Renters Insurance will help pay for increased living costs. Such expenses typically include food, a temporary place to live, and more.

Taylor Insurance Agency offers options to fit all your personal property protection needs, including:

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