Homeowners Insurance in Borger, Canadian, Canyon, Miami, Pampa, and White Deer, Texas: Residents Get Their Homeowners Insurance from Taylor and Miller Insurance

Owning a home has several responsibilities that come with it. Perhaps the most important one is making sure that you have adequate home insurance should the worst happen. Your homeowners’ insurance covers not only your home, but it also covers your belongings inside, such as your bedroom set, living room furniture, and more. Not only that but it also usually includes liability coverage as well for injuries and property damage caused by you to others.

Homeowners Insurance in Borger, Canadian, Canyon, Miami, Pampa, and White Deer, TexasHow much coverage should you have? What about flood insurance, or earthquake insurance, does the policy cover those? What if you live in a condo, or rent an apartment? You have questions, your Taylor and Miller Insurance agent has all of the answers, and can shop for the best policy because they are an independent agency.

Wait, You Said Flood Insurance Isn’t Covered On My Home Insurance?

Yes, it’s true that if your home floods and you don’t have flood insurance, things are not good. Home insurance does not cover flooding, and there is a separate insurance policy that you can get that will cover that. However, you will want to speak with your local Taylor and Miller Insurance agent to know if you will want to have flood insurance along with your home insurance.

I Live In A Condo, Can I Get Home Insurance?

Yes, you definitely can get home insurance! As a member of the condo association, you will need to make sure that a master policy is in place. This policy is for all of the common areas that you share with other condo members, such as the roof, basement, and other locations. Your association fees or maintenance fees typically cover this portion of the insurance. The other policy you will need is an individual insurance policy for your condo. Like a regular home insurance policy, it covers the belongings that you have inside your condo, such as clothes and furniture, and it also usually covers liability coverage as well.

Do Renters Need A Home Insurance Policy?

Yes, you definitely will need a home insurance policy even if you are renting. This again is like a home insurance policy in that it will cover your belongings in your apartment and provides you liability coverage as well. Don’t neglect to cover your belongings when you rent, because you are still susceptible to the same things that someone who owns a home is susceptible to.